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 [1] How to create your character

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Uzumaki Naruto

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Ninja information

PostSubject: [1] How to create your character   Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:43 am

Character Info

Make a new topic here

Gender*: Male or female.

Village*: Leave blank if villageless. State if belong to one.

Rank: You start as Academy Student if you leave this blank.
But if a need for higher rank(slim chances) pls state so.(Note: you can only state this ONCE)

Stats: 50 pts to following(s) of your choice;

Element: Choose one of the elements below. If a need a start of more than one(low chances), pls state so.

Jutsu Specialization: Choose one for primary, one for secondary
1. Ninjutsu
2. Genjutsu
3. Taijutsu

you can state up to three starting jutsus u intend to learn for your character. But...
State jutsu ranks. It can only be up to a rank higher than ur starting rank Very Happy
It has to be within your affinities. Very Happy
It has to be within ur jutsu specialization. Very Happy

Unless you start as chunnin or higher. (lucky you then, Which i will guide you along Very Happy )

*Only if you succeed in starting as genin or above.


After Your Character is made:

Go under to the first three creation forums to fill in what you imagine your character will have/be.
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[1] How to create your character
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